Network coverage

The global 0G network

How good is the Sigfox network at your location?

Soon also near you: Sigfox Austria is already opening up a new valley region in Austria almost every week. Currently, a large part of our population is already covered in the most important urban and rural coverage areas for industry, technology and agriculture. Check the individual availability of our 0G Sigfox radio network in the locations you require and get an overview.

Interactive map of network coverage

Enter the street and/or postcode of your location in the field. An automatic completion facilitates the search. Depending on the quality of radio reception at the selected location, the result will be: Excellent, Good, Poor, Probably not covered

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Not enough network?

Improve reception immediately!

If the reception at your location is not sufficient, you can easily improve the Sigfox 0G network reception indoors and outdoors or offer a network where there is none by purchasing a Sigfox Micro BTS (BaseStation) from our shop.

This function is unique for a public radio network: the Sigfox 0G radio network can be easily and uncomplicatedly supplemented with your own radio stations – only power and network connection are necessary.

Do you still have any questions?

We are here for you and will be happy to help with all issues relating to radio network coverage.