Heliot Europe at 10th Ljubljana Forum – On the way to the ideal city of future

  • Ljubljana Forum, largest regional event on smart cities, hosting mayors and delegations of 7 cities from CE Europe
  • Cities are the most important cells of social development, inhabitants have to be involved
  • Heliot Europe actively present in this years event for the first time
  • Global presence of Heliot in 72 countries, 18.5 million devices connected
  • Sigfox 0G IoT network, eclusively operated by Heliot has grown into the largest network in Europe – solutions that work


Ljubljana, Slovenia October 12 – With its IoT Sigfox 0G network, Heliot Europe is one of the most active “builders” of smart cities in Europe. Including presentations at professional meetings, such as the Ljubljana Forum, which is a space where a framework for cooperation, networking, learning of stakeholders involved in designing smart cities is formed. With its network, Heliot is active in 72 countries around the world. That inclues Slovenia, where users can already benefit from its advantages on concrete solutions, such as smart water meters and thus smart, economical water consumption.

In ten years, the Ljubljana Forum has grown into the largest regional meeting of cities that strive to become smart, modern, developed, friendly, with high quality of life and highly involved population. The mission of the event itself as well as its influence and importance reflected in its statistical data, are arguments that this year’s 10th jubilee Heliot Europe with its Slovenian subsidiary Heliot Slovenia actively attended the gathering.

Heliot Group in 72 countries and 18.5 million devices connected to the Sigfox 0G IoT network

»Heliot Europe, part of the Heliot Group, is active in events in all countries where it operates through its subsidiaries, raising topics related to urban development and governance, participating and helping to identify key areas, visions and strategies of smart cities of the future. With Sigfox 0G technology, it offers a flawless and user-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient, cross-border network and supports cities and companies in transforming their business model«, said Tomáš Pavliček, COO Heliot Europe, in his presentation. Low-frequency radio technology is also a cost-effective alternative to the existing narrowband “Narowband Internet of Things” (NBIoT). In addition, partners have access to the global Sigfox 0G ecosystem with nearly 1,000 sensors and analysis tools to collect and evaluate their data.

There are currently 18.5 million devices connected to the Sigfox 0G IoT network in the world, and the number is constantly growing. The network is reliable, secure, sustainable and sends the desired data in the size of 12 bytes 144 times a day. Pavliček compared the energy consumption of the Sigfox 0G network with the consumption of five base stations of the 5G network, which consume as much energy as the Sigfox 0G network in five countries. The battery of one device lasts an average of 8 years. Heliot Group is a comprehensive partner to its clients, as in addition to connectivity it also provides consulting, preparation of strategic guidelines. Among the concrete solutions he presented care for cleaner indoor air, urban water resources management and water consumption control, waste management and smart parking.

Cities are the most important cells of social development

The jubilee of the forum was an opportunity to review the 10-year achievements and exceeded milestones, outlined by its president Blaž Golob, director of Heliot Slovenia. He emphasized the importance of such meetings, which in a decade led to the realization of seven large domestic and international projects worth over 300 million euros, offered 100 innovative solutions to promote more efficient management, operations and technological development of smart cities, enabled 55 presentations of best smart city practices and projects, forging a range of partnerships and connecting cities with digital transformation professionals, strategists, researchers and service providers.

This year’s meeting was attended by the mayor of the host city of Ljubljana, as well as mayors and representatives of six cities from the region: Belgrade, Rijeka, Banja Luka, Maribor, Novi Sad and Vienna. They agreed that cities are the most important cells of social development. They also confirmed that on the path  of transforming cities into smart cities, it is necessary to put residents at the center of processes, involve them in change and be able to listen to them. The cities of the future must be friendly, humane for the inhabitants, offer a high quality of life, be clean, green, sustainable.

The Heliot Group stands alongside the cities as a strong, competent partner in achieving their goals.




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About HELIOT Europe

Heliot Europe is the exclusive operator of the global Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. This puts Heliot Europe in the position of the largest 0G network operator in Europe. Heliot Europe’s largest shareholder is Luxembourg-based investment company Cube Infrastructure Managers, which specializes in managing European infrastructure funds. Heliot Europe is also a founding member of the United Nations 0G Association, an international association of 0G network operators that currently brings together more than 55 network operators worldwide.

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