Heliot Europe and Cellnex Austria enter into strategic IoT cooperation

Heliot Europe and Cellnex Austria enter into strategic IoT cooperation

  • Internet-of-Things plays an exponentially growing role
  • Framework agreement serves fast and at the same time solid expansion of new radio sites
  • The aim is to accelerate the digitisation of the Austrian economy


Vienna, 19 January 2022 – Heliot Europe, the leading Central European provider of the Sigfox 0G wireless network, and Cellnex Austria have entered into a strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to further advance the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) network based on Sigfox 0G radio technology in Austria and to accelerate the digitalisation of the economy. The network expansion will enable Heliot Europe – marketed in Austria under the name Sigfox Austria – to significantly increase its network coverage and provide its IoT services to even more customers.

„The focus of the newly concluded cooperation is to cover even more areas with our radio infrastructure in order to achieve a high level of outdoor coverage as quickly as possible. This is crucial for the introduction and expansion of transport, logistics and geolocation applications. Having already succeeded in covering metropolitan areas and hotspots, our next goal is nationwide expansion“, Martin Liboswar, Country Manager Sigfox Austria, comments on the partnership.

Thus, in a first step, Heliot Europe will build this IoT network at several dozen Cellnex Austria communication sites in order to expand its services to the entire country. For basic coverage, Heliot Europe needs a few hundred Sigfox base stations. The low infrastructure costs of Sigfox 0G wireless technology also offer advantages over alternative solutions.

„IoT solutions are becoming increasingly important and are now essential for the networking and remote control and maintenance of machines and systems. We operate almost 4,500 telecommunication sites across Austria, which makes us the largest independent operator of telecommunication infrastructure in this country – we are pleased to be able to expand our expertise in this area through our cooperation with Sigfox Austria“, emphasises Peter Haupt Managing Director of Cellnex Austria.

Already today, Sigfox’s 0G technology is an important driver for the digitalisation of the European economy. It is suitable for large-scale, cross-border deployment of loT applications with low data volumes, such as the automatic localisation of rolling containers or the remote monitoring of filling levels in gas tanks. Due to its lean architecture, this IoT technology networks millions of objects worldwide, reducing energy consumption and the overall costs of the connected devices. At the same time, it contributes to reducing the CO2 footprint through low consumption. Major customers such as Österreichische Post, Siemens and Weber Betonwerke already rely on the Sigfox 0G network.


About Cellnex Austria

Cellnex Austria (On Tower Austria GmbH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish group Cellnex Telecom, Europe’s largest operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure. Cellnex Telecom is currently active in twelve European countries and has a network of approximately 130,000 sites. With almost 4,500 telecom sites, Cellnex Austria is the largest independent operator of telecom infrastructure in Austria. The company offers a range of services that create the conditions for the high-quality transmission of voice, data and audiovisual content.

Cellnex is listed on the Spanish stock exchange and is a component of the IBEX35, EuroStoxx100 Index and MSCI Europe Index. The company has also been included in the sustainability indices FTSE4GOOD, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), Sustainalytics and “Standard Ethics”. For more information, please visit: https://www.cellnextelecom.com/de/cellnex-austria/

Contact Cellnex Austria
Christof Braunegg | E-Mail: christof.braunegg@cellnextelecom.at
Cellnex Austria (On Tower Austria GmbH)| Brünner Str. 52 E | 1210 Vienna | Austria

Press contact agency
Brandenstein Communications | Tel: +43 (1) 319 41 01-11| E-Mail: presse@brandensteincom.at
Brandenstein Communications | Servitengasse 5/24 | 1090 Vienna | Austria

About Heliot Europe

Heliot Europe is the exclusive operator of the global Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. This makes Heliot Europe the largest 0G network operator in Europe. The main shareholder in Heliot Europe is Cube Infrastructure Managers, a Luxembourg-based investment company specialising in the management of European infrastructure funds. Heliot Europe is also a founding member of the 0G United Nations Association, the international association of 0G network operators with currently over 55 network operators worldwide.

With Sigfox 0G technology, Heliot Europe offers a cross-border, seamless and user-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient network, helping companies to further transform their business model towards digital services in areas such as asset tracking, asset monitoring and supply chain management. The low-frequency radio technology is also a cost-effective alternative to the existing Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT). In addition, customers have access to the global Sigfox 0G ecosystem with nearly 1000 sensors and analytics tools to collect and analyse their data.

Press photo Peter Haupt, Managing Director Cellnex Austria
Copyright photo: Cellnex Austria/Martin Steiger

Press photo Martin Liboswar, Country Manager Sigfox Austria by Heliot Europe
Copyright photo: Heliot Europe

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