First Sigfox Energy Harvesting Module in Partnership with HT Micron and NOWI

Sigfox is working on its first commercial energy harvesting device – a device that generates the energy it needs during operation Cooperation with HT Micron and Nowi for the development of a board that integrates the solutions from HT Micron (SiP) and Nowi (PMIC). Paris, France – January 5th, 2022 – Sigfox, a world’s leading […]

Sigfox signs global partnership with skyhook

Sigfox signs a global partnership with Skyhook to enhance the delivery of geolocation services. This new strategic partnership will contribute to Sigfox’s efforts to adapt cost-effective and powerful services for mass IoT. It opens up a whole new range of possible applications, particularly in the supply chain and logistics sectors. Paris, France – December 9th, […]