What is Sigfox?

The global 0G network

Sigfox’s unique approach to communication between devices and the cloud addresses the three biggest barriers to global IoT adoption:

Radio stations
0 K
km2 coverage
0 m
People provided

“With over 3700 mobile stations, we are the largest 0G network operator in Europe – providing sustainable and innovative IoT solutions from the North Sea to the Adriatic.”

Blaž Golob, CEO Heliot Slovenija

Why Sigfox?

As our economy, environment and social bond become increasingly interconnected, we need to realise the importance of accessing and relying on communication networks. We have become more vulnerable as we rely more and more on digital services. That is why we are calling for the creation of a global 0G telecommunications standard for the transmission of small messages – to give us all access to a minimal communications service.

Who is Sigfox?

The world's leading IoT service provider

Today, Sigfox’s 0G network is available in 75 countries and to a total of over 1.3 billion people. Sigfox is supported by a large ecosystem of partners and leading IoT players, enabling companies to increasingly shift their business models to digital services.

Where is Sigfox?

The Sigfox network at your location

From the North Sea to the Adriatic Sea: Sigfox operates the largest 0G network in Europe in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. More than 3700 radio sites ensure network coverage in line with demand and allow innovative IoT applications. Four country offices under the Sigfox brand with local teams ensure short distances between customers and Heliot Europe.

What is IoT:

Skupni izraz za tehnologije globalne infrastrukture, ki v informacijski družbi omogočajo medsebojno fizično ter virtualno povezovanje predmetov za usklajeno delovanje s pomočjo informacijskih in komunikacijskih tehnologij.



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